OCEAn or forest? 

  • Extra deep birthing tubs with underwater lighting
  • Dimmed cove lighting and (electric) candles for a calm relaxed atmosphere
  • Large private bathroom
  • Independent heating/cooling units for your comfort
  • Never-ending hot water (for long showers or baths)
  • Our Forest room is equipped with a birthing sling
  • Our Ocean room also has a large open shower
  • Kitchenette equipped with fridge, ice maker, microwave and instant hot water


Nitrous oxide


Looking for a non-hospital option but a little concerned about pain relief?  If you’re nervous, then nitrous oxide may be the answer for you.  Nitrous oxide is similar to the “gas” you may have experienced at the dentist office.  You breathe it in during the contraction to take the edge off, and in between contractions you breathe normal room air.  The nitrous leaves your body in a few breaths and has no effect on the baby.  Ask one of our midwives if you’re interested in this option.

marysville clinic 

  • Satellite clinic just off the freeway in Marysville
  • Providing prenatal and postpartum care (no births) 
  • This office has stairs!
  • Has our iconic marble table – but this one is rainbow hued!