"Having Dr. Deborah as my care provider has given me such a sense of relief! It is amazing to be listened to and cared for by someone who is considering my whole person and not just my stats. She is so easy to talk to, and the fact that she is also a Midwife and offers Pediatric care makes me feel like I have won the lottery! Meeting with Dr. Deborah is truly the best thing I have ever done for myself, and I am so glad I found her!"
Kate Zachary, Doula

"Thank you for all your skill, expertise, and support while my wife and I continue on our journey to become parents. You have provided support for our sanity, and increased our hope that we can do this."

“Words are hardly enough. We were so blessed to have you both throughout our pregnancy and during the labor. We really could not have done it without you!!! You knew what we needed before we needed it. You listened when we needed to talk. Your gentle guidance helped us to make some of the best decisions for our baby. And you were there to hold my hand when I doubted the end would ever come. I’ll never forget your kindness in those last few hours Deb… Your words (and presence) gave me such strength!”
The Thompson Family

“We want to thank you for all the love and support you have given us throughout our pregnancy journey. We have felt heard and guided by your knowledge and caring ways. We knew we could come to you for anything (and we did this often!) and that was truly invaluable to us. You were there for us through the whole long labor and delivery, assisting us in making very tough decisions. We felt your love, friendship and concern. We love you both so much and hope to stay friends for a long time. You are the best midwives we could ask for.”
Matt and Jana G, Eisley’s parents

"It was Deborah’s calm assurances that helped Teresa relax and her professionalism with the staff that enabled Teresa’s birth plan to be fulfilled as much as possible under the circumstances. Deborah’s calm assurances to the father-to-be and to me were welcomed while Teresa was prepped for surgery, and she continued to be upbeat, positive and reassuring as we waited for word of the birth of a beautiful baby girl. Although I know she was as tired as the rest of us, Deborah never wavered as an anchor and guide throughout it all. Thank you Deborah for your commitment to us and for your love and support."
Sue Burkholder, grandmother of Brin

"I first met Deborah when she came to my daughter’s home to check on the progress of Teresa’s labor. She spent a long time with us, calmly reassuring Teresa and supporting her in what would become a very long process. Due to complications, Teresa was taken from the birthing center to a hospital the next morning, and Deborah simply became part of the attending medical team, the liaison between a very tired mother-to-be and the medical staff."
Sue Burkholder, grandmother of Brin

“Because of your support and care I was able to have the birth I dreamed of and came away from the experience empowered and fulfilled. My husband says he believes you were born to do this work and I have to agree. Thank you for nurturing us and for being you.”

“I am so happy you were willing to drive down to help us out. We both felt relieved you were there and, seriously, I don’t know if I could have been as determined without your strong and gentle voice guiding the way. I’m happy to have shared that journey with you."
Brandi L

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