Pediatric Care

Well Child Visits

Periodic “well-child” visits are recommended for your child.  These visits are important to make sure your child is growing and developing normally.  A naturopathic pediatric visit includes not only the normal growth and development checks, but a in-depth discussion of each stage of your child’s life.  Well-child visits are scheduled for 50 minutes so there is ample time for you to ask questions.  Topics of discussion often include:

2 months:  co-sleeping, returning to work, fevers

4 months:  night-time feeding, teething, readiness for solids

6 months:  food introduction, bedtime rituals, child-proofing

9 months:  separation anxiety, discipline, language support

12 months:  picky eating, safety issues, viral infections

18 months:  toilet training, nutrition, social development

Once your child reaches 2 years old well child visits are recommended yearly. 

Sick Child Visits

Common childhood complaints like ear infections, diarrhea, and respiratory infections can often be treated just by supporting your child’s immune system.  Short, problem-based visits can provide you peace of mind that there is nothing serious going on, and will provide you tools to help support your child during these illnesses.

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