Midwifery Care

Prenatal Appointments

Each prenatal appointment is approximately 45 minutes long and includes physical examinations as well as education about each stage of pregnancy and preparing for childbirth. An essential part of each visit is to build a trusting relationship with you and your family, and making sure that there is time to answer all of your questions. We encourage partners, family members, and doulas to attend prenatal appointments to create a foundation of support for birth and beyond.

We follow the same appointment schedule as obstetricians, with one prenatal appointment per month in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, followed by twice a month until 36 weeks, and then weekly until your baby is born. We will provide you with detailed information about all standard medical tests during your pregnancy, giving you the tools to make your own decisions. Many of these tests can be done during your visit, and others we will refer you to trusted providers.

Birth Center Services

Sprout will feature two comfortable birth suites with showers, tubs, rocking chairs, Simkin slings and beds, as well as a kitchenette and lounge for your family.  We broke ground November 2015 – follow us on Facebook for progress pics!

Home Birth Services

We provide nurturing labor, delivery, and postpartum care in the comfort of your own home. In this environment, you and your family will be the main players in how your child comes into the world.

We strive to ensure a safe environment by providing continuous care to mom and baby. We believe that active participation from family members is wonderful, and we work closely with the people who will be attending your birth to ensure safety and support. Many women choose to labor and/or deliver their babies in water. Sometimes partners help to catch. Siblings are welcome to watch or even jump in the pool after the birth. Let us know what works for you and we will support your choices, while still working to maintain safety.

Postpartum Care

We come to your home the day after your birth, help you with breastfeeding and make sure you and your baby are doing well. Then a week, three weeks and six weeks later you come to our office to check in on everyone’s health. We love answering questions and allaying concerns that you may have about you or your baby’s health to get your new family member off to the best start possible. Care doesn’t have to stop there, either – see women’s care and pediatric care.

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