I am a doctor, but I may not be YOUR doctor.  If you are not my patient I don’t know the best way to treat you.  You should take everything I have to say under advisement.  Be smart; check in with your doctor first (especially if you are pregnant or nursing)!  My intention is to give you information on how you can keep yourself healthy at home  with treatments that work and make sense.  Treatments that may be beneficial to one person may be harmful to another.  Take any specific warnings I give very seriously and if in doubt, don’t do it.

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Contrast Showers

As a follow up to my article on hydrotherapy I wanted to share with you some great home techniques to keep your immune system healthy during the fall and winter months. Naturopathic medicine has its...

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Epsom Salt Footbath

Did you know that Epsom salts are a wonderful way to soothe tired or aching muscles? One of the major ingredients in Epsom salts is magnesium, a mineral necessary for allowing your muscles to...

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Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil packs are anti-inflammatory and aid in the elimination and detoxification of the body.  They’re also very relaxing.  I use them all the time when running detoxification classes (your...

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